Four Important Tools Use to Become a Professional SEO

SEO is the most famous and trending in the digital universe. It’s hard to think that a single Internet user who does not know the importance of ranking of the website. In the world, 93% of traffic comes from a search engine, ranking outside the top 10 results in the search engine makes a website practically invisible.

The power of SEO is obviously huge, but how can you improvise the position of the website and attract more and more visitors? It is definitely not something can do single-handedly because Google changes its algorithm of search engine many of times per year. Using the right SEO tools is the key to the success of your optimization technique.

1. Google Analytics

You should not initiate a single operation of SEO without Google and SEO platforms like Google Analytics. We actually had a tough time to decide which tool to present here because Google provides a wide range of other useful solutions such as Keyword Planner and Webmasters Tools, but Google Analytic tools is definitely a favorite tool in a market.

Audience: This type of report gives result about the people who visit our website

Acquisition: It is a practical feature of Google analytic that tells us where the audience comes from.

Behavior: If we want to learn about the content of the website, use Behaviour reports to high and low-performing pages.

Conversions: We can also track conversions and we see how they were realized.

2. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is an all-encompassing optimization platform which provides SEO metrics for any web pages you visit. However, it comes with a price tag and you will need to pay $99 a month for the normal version or $179 a month for the Standard package of Ahrefs SEO toolbar.

It gives you an instant preview of the targeted webpages, which means that the optimization indicators are in your hand. The platform shows the status of URL ratings and domain, estimation of organic search traffic, backlink information, keyword quantity and quality, and the number of referring domains of website.

3. MozBar Pro

MozBar Pro is one of the best comprehensive SEO platforms currently available on the web. It is located in your browser toolbar and the things you need to do one click to activate the program of Mozbar Pro. MozBar will show you the overview of the website you are currently browsing.

This platform divides website analytics into three segments like:

Page Elements: Includes information about URLs, Meta elements, titles, and Meta descriptions.

Page Attributes: This segment focuses on technical aspects of optimization, giving you a preview of page load speed, Google Cache URL, Meta robots, and rel=” canonical”.

Link Data: This unit is all about the link of your particular webpage and how it ranks in terms of trust and authority.

4. Yoast SEO

WordPress websites are the largest content management system in the world which powers over 30% of the Internet. We must not forget to mention Yoast SEO, Plugins successfully handle optimization activities of WordPress websites.

It is an open-source platform that we can use for free, but the premium version of Yoast SEO offers a lot of additional features that cost about $89. Yoast SEO analyses and gives a broad scope of tips and suggestions on how to improve your technique of optimization efforts. Besides that, we will receive suggestions about possible alternative key phrases and synonyms that can improve the ranking of the website.

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